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About Kairos Counseling Center

Our Philosophy

We provide professional, evidence-based counseling and psychotherapy to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. While many of life’s hurts occur within relationships, we believe healthy relationships provide the context for healing and growth, and our treatment focuses on providing new information, new tools and new experiences to aid our clients in their progress toward personal healing and transformation.

We also believe that healing the whole person requires a mindfulness of our client’s spiritual needs in addition to their emotional, relational, and psychological needs. While most of our therapists are Christians, we welcome people of all religions, denominations and spiritual paradigms, and our therapists will authentically and professionally engage with all of our clients to facilitate healing, growth, and more abundant lives. 

Our Name

The ancient Greeks had two concepts for time, which they labeled “kronos” and “kairos”. Kronos refers to the ongoing chronological march of the clock that we in western cultures typically recognize as time. Conversely, kairos denotes those opportune and timeless moments in life when something important is happening. When a mother imparts a valuable life-lesson to her daughter; when a man finally discovers the career he’s been seeking; when a woman struggling with life-long depression finds hope; and when a war veteran and his wife break through the challenges of returning to re-discover each other – these are kairos moments.  In all we do at Kairos Counseling Center, we seek to facilitate growth, wisdom and health so that our clients can fully experience the kairos moments in their lives, and be prepared to take full advantage of the rich opportunities these moments provide.

Kairos Definition

If it's time to heal,
time to grow, or
time to get help,

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